We are located next to the Avalon Event Center!

Pick Your Mission

The Mad Hatter


The Mad Hatter has tricked you into the Red Queen's Tea Room because he enjoys messing with everyone's sanity. Now you must escape in an hour or it will be "off with your head"! 

Sorcerer's Escape


The Dursley's have locked up your school of wizardry acceptance letter. You need to find it and only have an hour before the train leaves the station and you know what that means!

Pirate's Peril


You're being held captive by Captain Jack who allows his prisoners one chance to escape. If you choose the right way, you're free to go. If you choose the wrong way, you walk the plank...

Additional Offers

Gift Certificate


Give your friends & family an exciting escape room experience they'll never forget!

Birthday Parties


Add an hour in our party room to complete your birthday package!

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Escape, Jr.

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